same leggings 2 different outfits

   and gorgeous either way.








Lady Gaga's stunning outfit at 2010 Grammy Award was made in collaboration between Fashion Haus of Gaga and Giorgio Armani Prive`.


The outfit consisted of beaded leggings that were developed into a beaded body suite with mock neckline, long sleeves at the top and beaded leggings that seem to be attached as one piece to the heavily beaded shoes.


The concept of beaded leggings, beaded with crystals, stones and glass beads on see-through, sheer elastic mesh was created by me back in mid 2008 and the line was finally produced and launched in early 2009.  Up until now no other designer, American, European or otherwise have ever come up with this concept.  Around late 2009 Mark Jacobs and Ed Hardy put some heavy beadwork on heavy fabric pants but nothing similar or close to this.  Lady Gaga and Giorgio Armani have used my very same concept to create this outfit.   Of course they took it further and attached  the leggings to the shoes but nevertheless still are beaded leggings.  The bodice concept of beading on sheer sleeves and the neckline have been around as long as I remember but not the leggings.  By the way, a PR person who did some work for me advised me that she had sent some samples of my leggings to Lady Gaga last year which could have sparked the idea.


I have to admit however that Giorgio Armani is my very favorite designer and Lady Gaga my very favorite artist and I feel proud that my concept caught the eyes of such mega famous designer and celebrity.



Christina in beaded leggings and hot pants. Beautiful.