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Hi.  My name is Dakota and I am a 6 year old Siberian Long Hair Husky. 

I spent a year and half of my early life in a shelter until I was rescued and adopted by my family 4 years ago. 

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Now I have a family that loves me and I love them.  They do every thing for me;

always take me with them anywhere they go even on trips. Cook for me, feed me by hand. Take

care of my health.  I even have my own health insurance.


I am a very happy dog as you can see from pictures below.  I love to play, take long walks, go to dog parks

and play with other dogs.

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But most of all I love people, especially children and they love me.  They always stop and pet me and fuss with me

and I love that.  My favorite is to go where there are lights, action and people

 like shopping centers.  I especially like Christmas time because of all the beautiful colorful lights

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Last but not least I Love winter, cold, snow and ice cream

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Give a dog or a cat a loving home.  Rescue them from staying in confined cages for a long time or possibly death.

PLEASE donate to organizations that rescue animals from cruel owners

that mistreat and torture the helpless animals


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